M2 was an early adapter and implementer of the TRIRIGA® Application Platform. M2 has successfully implemented all modules as well as completely customized initiatives.

M2 is able to utilize the extensive process workflows of TRIRIGA® to enable any facility management business process you have or want to create.

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M2 has developed workflows that enhance and speed up the implementation and data loading in TRIRIGA®.

We encourage the iterative process afforded by our Live Implementation platform. Many times you must see the functionality with your data, in a development environment, in order for the customer to validate and affirm their vision in light of actual TRIRIGA® functionality. Utilizing best practices and the only Workplace Enterprise Management solution, TRIRIGA®, we can customize your solution with all the benefits of single point off the shelf (OTS) solutions.

• TRIRIGA® Certified Consultants
• Data Intelligence
• Customized Solutions
• Out-of-the-Box Solutions
• Live Implementation
• TRIRIGA® Application Hosting
• Crystal Reports
• Best Practices
• Rapid Implementation

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