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M2 Consulting offers a quick, easy and very cost effective Turnkey Implementation process for customers.

M2 has extensive experience with facility management best practices. This allows us to expeditiously define a scope of work that addresses your implementation goals and milestones, then execute that work for a fixed budget on your timeline.

Within one (1) week we will have:

• Assigned an Account Executive
• Established Development Platform for Live Implementation
• Configured Your Software and Provide User Log-ins
• Provide Data Collection Templates for Accuracy and Quick-loading
• Establish a Project Plan with Tasks, Timeline, and Milestones

Business process analysis will include documenting specific functionality required. Functionality will be developed on-going including an iterative discussion between M2 and your designated subject matter experts with the Live Implementation service as the focus of your on-going build. Most functionality can be provided within 30 days.

Whenever we reach a "go-live" point, M2 will update your data, participate in training as designed and load all software and data into your local environment. We could also continue to Host your application if that suited your needs.

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