M2 pioneered Enterprise Application Hosting has become almost as prevalent as traditional, local Software installation. Today’s web architected products including TRIRIGA®, are designed for central administration and remote access. A managed application service provider can provide the same if not better system support, security, availability and performance. M2 brings both application and industry knowledge in support of your users. Any user can access M2 Support for help whether it is a software, data or operations issue. M2 co-locates our computing infrastructure at an AT&T Internet Data Center. This affords our customers the highest standards of service, security and reliability.

• 35-50% Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Immediate Installation
• 24/7 Front-line Support
• Unlimited Functionality
• Meaningful Service Level Agreement (SLA’s)
• No Local Software Administrator
• Unlimited Connect Time
• Full System Administration
• High Speed Network Availability
• Flexibility – Move into ASP – Move Out
• Security, Reliability and Performance

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